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Tina Merrill, Cara Ingram, and Peter Lovejoy will be in charge of the Chuck Wagon Committee for the 2024 season. This committee is in charge of feeding the rowers at the away meets. 

Once the season regatta schedule has been set, the members of the chuckwagon committee sit down to make a menu for the following weeks regattas. When the menu is complete an email and/or TeamSnap is then sent to the team each week asking for specific food donation. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if your rower has any allergies, you may contact a member of the Chuck Wagon Committee.


If you would like to show your support for the Tiger Navy, you can purchase an advertisement on the chuckwagon. A 30x15 (inches) ad is $500, a 15x15 is $300. Please email for details.

Marietta Chuckwagon
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