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If this is your first experience with MHS Crew (the Tiger Navy) , welcome to the team! This is an attempt to anticipate some of your questions.

From this meeting you have a taste of how much goes into keeping the crew team going at the level we have for over forty years. We are one of the oldest high school crew teams in the state of Ohio, and some of the rowers may be seen coaching teams at different levels around the country. We have had many successes and other crew teams have been modeled on ours. College crew coaches are familiar with our winning record and scholarships are available, especially for women rowers.


Crew is a sport of many traditions. One that we have been trying to keep going is that of boat dinners. These are entirely voluntary and typically rotated among rower’s families. They have been assigned potluck or entirely given by a host family. To encourage team bonding and sportsmanship, a meal weighted heavily with carbs (spaghetti, lasagna, pastas, bread) the night before a race gives rowers an extra store of energy and is something for them to look forward to. It gives parents a chance to meet their rower’s boat-mates and hear a little of what it’s all about. The club does not sponsor these dinners, but they are encouraged.


The Lindamood Cup is when Marietta has a chance to be the "home team" and the competition travels to us. We have anywhere from 6 to 12 teams on our home turf vying for medals. We need everyone's help to pull this off and keep the teams coming back. It's great for our economy, our reputation and may be the only chance our home people have to watch our rowers in action. The regatta this year is scheduled for April 2.  Mark your calendar now. All rowers are required to have at least one parents volunteer on a Lindamood Committee.


Other ways to be involved are through chaperoning a trip (this involves staying with the team and helping serve up the food but each chaperone must pass appropriate school checks), donating or helping to prepare food to be used on the trips, fundraising for new shells, or serving on a committee for the boat house.


We like to get families involved and hope you feel like part of the team. Every effort is made to keep the website up to date on what is happening with the team and with Harmar Rowing Club (HRC). HRC is a year round non-profit organization that offers people of all ages a chance to participate in rowing, too. As a spring rower, you are a member all year.

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