MHS Crew fees are handled through the Hamar Rowing Club. These fees go towards food & lodging fees for the out of town meets we attend and equipment fees for the general upkeep of the boathouse, trailer, chuck wagon, launch and shell repairs. This does not pay for new shells. We need to raise funds separately for that.

The Fees for 2018 are $600 with the first $150 are due byFebruary 2nd. The second payment is due by February 28th. Everything must be paid in full or have arrangements made by March 31st. 

Travel Fee

This fee covers the cost of food and travel for our away meets as well as equipment maintenance and the facility, plus purchase of necessary safety equipment. Equipment purchased by the Club includes shells, oars, cox boxes, lifejackets, launches, motors, etc. Please see individual travel sheets in the packet for more details and information about costs not included in these fees.


Qualifying for the National Championship regatta is the ultimate goal of any boat crew.  Since only qualifying boats can will be invited, normal season rowing fees do not cover the cost of attendance.  Rowers are expected to help absorb the cost of attending. It is unusual for the entire team to attend this meet as it has qualifying requirements. This trip is tentative. We must have boats that qualify as well as the school board approval.


If the fees are a hardship, installment arrangements can be made with the club treasurer. (Please contact the Treasurer directly to make payment plan arrangements.  If contact is not made, it is assumed that there is not an issue). Other aid may be available through the Tiger Boosters. See a coach or the treasurer about this. This information is kept confidential.

Travel and Equipment Fees