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Coaching Responsibility
The number one focus of the coaching staff is the safety of the rowers at all times.  The staff will ensure all school, boathouse, and team policies are communicated appropriately and applied on an objective basis to all team members.  Altogether, the coaching staff will work to positively develop all students who demonstrate a willingness to work hard and show a commitment to the team.


Team Priorities:

  1. Safety

  2. Respect

  3. Enjoyment

  4. Equipment

  5. Performance



Rowing equipment is very expensive.  The equipment must be handled properly and with care or you will not be permitted to use it.  The coaching staff will train you on the proper techniques and usage to the boathouse equipment.  When in doubt, ask a coach!



Daily attendance is expected from the beginning of the season to the end.  If you are absent or late without a documented excuse (i.e. Dr. Appt.) you will lose your seat or position to the next capable and committed rower or coxswain.  Indoor practice and water practice line-ups are planned in advance for specific activities.  One person absent or late will affect the entire plan and everyone involved.

Most likely, you may have one scheduling conflict at some point in the season.  However, you must understand that we can’t (in most cases) adjust practice to accommodate individual team members.  If you have a conflict you will have to make a choice that may be difficult.  Your future is most important to you but do understand that your teammates are depending on you.  Be mature and weigh your choices carefully.

Conflicts that are due to overlapping athletic seasons will be handled on a case-by-case basis by your head coach.


Earning the Privilege to Travel

Only team members who are competing in races and/or assisting the coaching staff will be permitted to travel.  The coaching staff will try to find a suitable race for everyone however there may be instances that create “spares.”  Spares will be handled by a situation-specific manner.

Travel and Lodging

  • Transportation: All athletes must ride with the team.  If a parent of legal guardian wishes to sign out their athlete, arrangements must be made before traveling to the race site.  Use the form provided in the parent information packet.

  • Chaperones: Chaperones must be respected as an adult and a volunteer to help keep you safe and honest.  In the absence of the coaching staff, chaperones are the team authorities.  Failure to follow their instructions will result in losing your seat and/or racing privileges.

  • Bus: The bus must return in the shape that it was obtained in.  Nobody is to leave the drop site until the bus has been cleaned.

  • Room Assignments: You must lodge in your assigned room.  No room switching is permitted.  No exceptions!

  • Coed Groups: Unless a chaperone is present, no males in females rooms and vice versa.

  • Lights Out: You must be in your room after team meetings.  Be in your room by 9:30 and lights out by 10:30 unless otherwise indicated.

  • Lodging Conditions: All rooms and other lodging locations must be left as clean and orderly as you found them.

  • Appearance and Conduct: You are representing yourself along with Marietta High School and the city of Marietta.  Dress respectfully and in a dignified manner.

  • School Rules: All school rules, as outlined in the athletic handbook, apply during away trips.

Choosing Boat Lineups

Boat lineups are the single most important duties of a coach.  A lineup that is slow on paper could result in a surprisingly fast boat.  The same goes for a lineup that should looks fast on paper but turns out to be disappointingly slow.  Thus, boat lineups are never based on coaching preferences or prejudices. 


Below is the criteria that will be used for choosing boat lineups and/or who rows in what boat and position:

  1. Attendance: You have to be here to row.

  2. Behavior: Attitude, coachability, teamwork, conduct, work ethic, and focus.

  3. Competency: Physical fitness (erg scores, stamina, strength, etc.), technique, and adaptability

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